Sunday, July 11, 2010

Todays Shoot - Warped Tour Day 1 - CT

So I decided im going to split up warped tour into separate sections, this will be the LIVE section while ill do separate posts for all the photo sessions I had to do during the day.

SO! its that time again, time to nervously watch weatherbug as it delivers terrible news about the HELL that will be an all day out door festival. I had a ton of outdoor shoots to do, so obviously I was not stoked to find out it was going to be about 95 degrees and SUPER humid out.

I rolled up knowing today would be the day for photoshoots, while mass would be more for shooting bands live (in the end, as you will read, it didnt really work out that way, at all)

So I basically wanted to make sure to capture the biggest bands today - so if anything were to happen - I at least had those live shots of the bigger bands, or bands I actually wanted to cover. For CT I got Every Time I Die, Suicide Silence, Four Year Strong, Andrew WK, Bring Me The Horizon, and Sum 41 - 6 bands out of what? 60? 110? i dunno, too fucking many... anyway - it may not seem like alot - but keep in mind I had a photo shoot with Andrew WK, Kelsey and the chaos and Dillinger Escape Plan. but that wasnt why I barely shot anything...

I started off shooting Every Time I Die, those dudes have been friends forever, and no way was i going to miss their set, plus it was directly before my shoot with AWK.

Here im using the 40D - shooting at 400ISO 5.6 at 180th - the reason im at 5.6 rather than 2.8 is i wanted to have a more mid ranged depth of field rather than super selective focus. and the 180th was to lock in movement, as this is not a band that just sits still.

Next I did two photo shoots back to back - Andrew WK - and Kelsey and the chaos (there should be posts on this following this one) and did NOT do a photo shoot with Dillinger as it got moved to the Mass date last minute.

So being that it was SO hot out I took constant trips to my car for water and sunscreen, and for some reason it wore me down INSTANTLY - I had less energy at this show then I have when I'm sleeping, seriously. It sucked. I felt like i couldnt move and had no energy.

Anyway after those two shoots I went and sparsely covered the bands I wanted to cover with out over exerting myself as I was pretty much suffering at this point... seriously think im getting old or something. ugh. but in hind site, after shooting another warped and two mayhem fests,.. it was just because it was my first all day outdoor fest of the season, it killed me.

SO! notes for the other bands... Sum 41 played inside and had ZERO lighting - just what was available so I had to jump my ISO to 800 - for the rest of the bands im at 400. during BMTH - the dudes instantly jumped into the crowd so i had to jump my speed up to a 500th+ to shoot them against the sky with out washing everything out... the only lens i used for live photos was the 16-35 2.8 (best live lens to have - EVER!) aaaand heres photos!

Four Year Strong

Bring Me The Horizon

Andrew WK

Sum 41

Suicide Silence

All in all I was pretty disappointed in this years CT warped tour, not so much because of the show, the bands, but because I didnt do half as much as i did the year before, I felt unproductive and old, and VERY tired. It was great getting to hang with my boy Adam Elmakias though!

best dude ever! - and obviously the shoots, I am pretty pumped on so, make sure to check them out.

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