Saturday, July 24, 2010

Todays Shoot - Alana Potocnik of Winds of Plague

Alana and I have been planning to shoot for a while, but unfortunately we were cursed by circumstance.

I wanted to go all out and do a big shoot - lighting, etc. but I had to (HAD TO!!!) save my batteries for my shoot later that day, which was right around sundown AND had to cover mainstage, so I could either shoot earlier in the day - Natural light - or not at all

So we decided to do a natural light shoot, and plan a more - all out - shoot for the show in Mass (however due to the big big shoot being moved to Mass, we didnt shoot again) - BUT! we are looking at setting up a big shoot in the near future.

OK! so finding a spot to shoot when the place is packed - second stage is still happening - and theres nothing but a parking lot to work with - is kinda rought - but we made it work...

I shot with the Canon 1DS mark 2 - 24-70 2.8 - at 2.8 ISO100 - between a 150th and 500th (150th under the tree 500th against the white) - we found two spots I liked - beneath a tree, but it was too much variation behind it - when i shoot natural i like clean, singular backgrounds, simple, not busy. We then walked around to a dealership, where I got the majority of shots I like, against white - both brick and a garage door - check it!

all in all i really wish i got to use lighting on these - and cant wait to do an all out shoot with Alana - she rules and I'm sure if we had the time we could come up with something EPIC! - hopefully that will happen soon!

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