Sunday, July 11, 2010

Todays Shoot - Andrew WK

To say I was really excited to do a photo session with Andrew WK would have been a gross understatement. I've known him for YEARS from shooting him live since the inception of his career, but he didnt tour as much around when I got into shooting portrait work more than live work.

Anyway, with just the warped tour parking lot - aka 5000 tour buses, cars, people, etc. The locations to shoot in are VERY limited if you want to avoid doing a bus shot, so I took him to the top of a hill where I had, one year early shot the cover to the A Day To Remember promo CD. I had a few confetti blasters I was going to use for a Jeffree shoot, but decided they would be best used as a party favor for mr. party hard.

It was too windy to use umbrellas so I split two bare bulb with reflectors pointed in on the sides and a non-boomed beauty dish main - which I knew was going to give me more of a highlights and mids shot rather than a mids and shadows (which is where my safe spot is) - so this is officially: Me working outside of my - anyway. I shot at ISO400 - F20 at a 250th because it was SUPER bright - and the lights being bare - had to have that Fstop really high because I wanted very deep focus for the confetti so it would be sharper rather then out.... so I shot this with the Canon Mark 2 1ds - 24-70 2.8L USM lens - and I shot in RAW! arent you proud of me?! I usually shoot JPEG but as of THIS SHOOT! I have converted to doing all shoots (important ones/legit ones) RAW+JPEG! - thank Gage for that. Anyhoo - LOOK!

Now.. all the cars/trucks etc in the background, I did try to edit one with out all that, I suck at photoshop wizardry so - tell me - does it look like crap? I dunno, i kept it as an alternate but I'm not using it for anything - I used the new content aware healing brush to do all this - so - let me know - what do you think? super fake/shitty looking? usable? PLEASE! need legit feedback on this - you wont hurt my feelings! haha

For the second set I used a similar set up with two bares and a beauty main - for this I wanted to have fun - so we used the port-a-potties and I kept the same settings - and brought the sky in a bit behind him so its more of an open shot.

After having some fun and sweating out/toweling off a bit, we went to the fence behind where we were shooting and I wanted to do some natural light shots. these are at 2.8 at a 1000th! because it was in DIRECT sun!

After shooting, I must say he is one of the most genuine, nicest, and easiest to work with dudes I have ever met to this day. I really hope I get to work with him again in the future, as it was my favorite shoot of all warped tour.

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