Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Todays Shoot - Summer

Back in middle school, I had a friend named Summer, and she ended up moving away before high school, but we periodically kept in touch, and then via the magic of facebook, we re-connected and started catching up again.

Summer had just endured and overcome a battle with thyroid cancer, in which her thyroid was actually removed. She was disheartened by the scar left on her body, which to me, if anything, is a badge of victory for her strength to overcome a battle that most dont generally come out of in victory.

Anyway, for as long as I have known her, Summer has been one of the most beautiful people i've ever seen, both outer beauty as well as a genuinely kind, warm, glowing personality.

I really wanted to show her, that despite her battle, her victory, she shouldnt be disheartened with ANYTHING about herself, as she even more of a beautiful person today, then before. So I convinced her to come out to catch up and do a photo shoot.

Our styles are nothing alike, what shes into and what im into, in terms of shooting/modeling, so I tried to blend our styles a bit.

We started with a bunch of in studio stuff, which neither of us were really feeling, as we were just getting used to shooting a different style, and she was just coming out of her shell, so to speak. Here is one of the images I liked, it was shot wiht two 3x4 soft boxes, the mark 2 1ds - and the 79-200 at F14 ISO100 at a 160th

After shooting in studio we went outside and did all natural light stuff, which ended up being so much more awesome for both of us. I took her into a few different spots around the studio, some industrial and nature type of spots, some that are a mix of the two. What I really liked about all of these spots is Summer just seemed to GLOW in every spot we hit. I did some darker areas where it really brought out how much she separates from her surroundings by just glowing... youll see what i mean.. - these were shot with the 25-70 - generally around 2.8 at iso 400 - and the shutter speed went from 250-2000 depending on if we were in shadow or sunlight.

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