Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Todays Shoot - Mayhem Fest - day 2 Ma

Today was the day of my big shoot... So I knew my priority was for that shoot, and that I would probably shoot less live stuff, which was absolutely true.

I only shot 3 second stage bands, and 3 main stage bands, due to the photo shoots I was doing in between. and setting up for. And again - I will do separate posts for all the shoots i had during the day - and havent decided if im going to post the big shoot now, or wait for it to print first... but anyway - onto the photos!

I was shooting at a more shallow depth for these - it was a bit darker than the CT date - so I was shooting at 4.0-2.8 at a 160th-250th ISO100 - canon 40D 16-35 2.8 - I tried to catch bands I didnt shoot at the CT show like Norma Jean, but ended up only shooting them - in this moment and shadows fall - which are actually three bands i did shoots with, so it made sense to catch them before doing my shoot.

After shooting second stage I went and did my big shoot with the Murderdolls - which took up some of the second stage as well as FFDP and LOG on mainstage - which i missed in CT as well, bummersville! But I knew Avenged Sevenfold was playing this ONE date of Mayhem, and didnt want to miss that! especially since they were playing with Portnoy, who I shot earlier in the year with Hail! - so I ran to mainstage in time for A7X

A7X had ALOT of pyro, it ruled!!! but the front lighting was a bit weak, so it was somewhat difficult to blend the back lighting with the front lighting. I was shooting at 2.8 ISO800 (as it was getting dark out) and using the 16-35 2.8 lens - shooting at a 160th-500th (when the pyro was hitting)

I went over and did a shoot with In This Moment, then waited for a possible shoot that did not happen - so I ran over the main stage to shoot zombie again, and the lighting was all red or green... again... SEE!

Korn had incredible lighting, lots of whites and spot lighting, and the stage was a bit lower at this venue so I got better shots, and from seeing the show before, I sort of knew where things were going to happen and when - and therefor got better shots - shooting 2.8 ISO800 at a 125th

Day 2 was pretty sweet because it wasnt as hot, and the shoots got done - but I really wish I got to do all shoots one day - and all my live stuff the other so I wouldnt miss anyone. I didnt get to shoot Hatebreed, Lamb of God, or FFDP, which kinda sucks, I wanted to catch them, but thats how this job goes some days...

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