Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Todays Shoot - In This Moment

I always love working with in this moment - not just because they are incredible people - but because they are always awesome to shoot.

I asked them at the CT show if they wanted to do a shoot, and they were down, so I set it up, but was told they arent doing shoots on the tour - no biggie!

When I got to the show - they asked if we were doing the shoot, I told them the situation, and they basically said - yeah - it sucks to do shoots on this tour - but we wanna do the shoot! its with YOU!

so we did it!

A bit before zombie went on - we shot right under a bridge behind the backstage area - I used one light - boomed beauty dish - dynalite uni400 at half power - shot at F13 at a 160th ISO100 - Canon Mark2 1ds 24-70

Although it was a quick shoot, we got an AWESOME shot to use for the spread - cant wait to do another shoot with them when they tour again!

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