Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Todays show was at the Santos party house (of Andrew WK fame) - and being that there wasnt much room upstairs to do a meet and greet, we found a spot downstairs with a giant mirror ball. it was aweeessssoommmeee.

Most of the shoots I did on this tour, I kept simple, and just used one light for this meet and greet and the shoot afterward

I see some photographers set up 5-8, sometimes even 10 lights to get something you could easily capture with two.... its just unnecessary overkill. Learn how to do everything you can with one light, then everything you can with two lights... three... etc.

Anyway - so i brought a dish up behind me up high so it would light the mirror ball as well as the band, I set it to 50% and made sure the lighting was even on everyone, then started shooting - at F11 ISO100 at a 160th

I liked this location so much I ended up doing solo shots here as well, the mirror ball was just too epic not to!

Monday, September 27, 2010


While on the mighty Ghostbustour - I ended up doing actual photo sessions with IWABO pretty much every day, every other day, depending on how cool the location was and how much time we had.

Today we were in a club in Richmond, Virginia, we did the meet and greet upstairs, and today was really the first day I decided, hey, lets do a shoot every day, why not? ya know.

So I set up a boomed dish - on tour i had a small beauty dish, which had, just the day before taken a near fatal dive from the light to concrete, but luckily, Bieber saved the day and fixed it.

anyway, boomed dish - 2 bare parabolics behind them - one i pointed away from them and upward to light the environment a bit, the other i had pointed toward them - camera right - a bit to their left to make it less unidirectional, for leading line. I shot these with the 24-70 at F10 at a 160th ISO100 - now these photos ended up with a bit of glare bleed from the dish being smaller than i was used to - so i didnt know to set it properly - but it only really SLIGHTLY effected the vertical shots.

check it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Ghostbustour: Pre-tour video

for the next month ill be updating with links to what im doing on the Ghostbustour!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Todays Shoot - Betty (NSFW)

Todays shoot is with a model from upstate NY named Betty

We were going to be shooting for the corpse paint project but also decided to shoot some supplementary stuff for comp books I'm featured in annually

We started off shooting for the goth/industrial/fashionfetish style stuff ive been shooting for near 3 years now - which i will eventually compile into a book, but its been featured in a few books already.

anyhoo - we started with split lighting - two soft boxes set right up to the background, which, lighting wise, i love it because it gives you the soft lighting, the mid level shadow so its not flat, and gives you an even flow from light to shadow. Whether it was a cowboy hat, or the fithnets she was tearing up, i wanted to use alot of shadow play by placing her wardrobe where it would cast partial shadow, I shot these with the 70-200 at ISO100 - F16

Next we moved onto corpse paint, I purposefully shot all the corpse paint stuff one stop under to try and make the lighting even more selective, buuut ending up being a touch too dark. I should have done a half step under, but thats nothing that cant be fixed in post... these images are however, unedited. SO! - I started with the same lighting, but had her stand toward the front of the lights to cast a harsher shadow - these are shot at F18

After shooting with split light, i boomed a dish up but instead of putting it straight down as i have been - i angled it a bit toward the side so the lighting would be a bit more directional - these were shot at F20

All in all i like what we got - but I want to shoot more on location with this model, so hopefully in the near future we will be doing so!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Todays Shoot - Phil Labonte shooting stuff.

So being that im so far behind - im going to be posting my daily shoots - WHILE catching up with back shoots. soooo bare with me as i do that.

Anyhoo - my good friend Phil invited me to go with him to the shooting range to take some shots (both with guns and cameras). I've never shot a gun before, so I was pretty pumped.

The area was all shaded, so I was shooting at ISO100 but at a 125th (kinda slow for fast shots) at 2.8

I was trying to get muzzle fire during the shots - and really only got ONE shot of it because the timing has to be EXACT unless youre shooting burst - which i wasnt.

The hand gun had more of a muzzle flame while the AR-15 was just smoke really

Anyway - here at the shots i got!

I ended up shooting just a bit and it was pretty awesome. it took me a second to really "get it" but after i started i was able to hit the metal target. im no ted nugent or anything, but i think im going to try to shoot a few more times to see if its something im into. - seems like a really really expensive hobby though haha.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Todays Shoot - Christine

About once or twice a year I get a message asking for senior portraits - knowing well that they wont get "traditional" portraits - which is pretty much why they would contact me about it.

Anyhoo - so we went for some darker images

we started off with a beauty dish boomed up top shooting with the 70-200 at F18

Then we rolled outside and shot some natural light photos in various spots - some more midtoned with alot of greys - some cold tone with alot of greens - and a really awesome darker creepy location with lots of vines - all of these were shot with the 24-70 at 2.8 - my shutter speed changes with the lighting anywhere from a risky 60th to a 2000th when in direct light - all in all i really like how the darker photos came out

We went back in studio for the final shot where she wanted to use her hair-model head...things... (i dont know what theyre called, but its what hair-school people use to practice) - anyway - she wanted to use them as like a severed head - then i had an idea to put her head on a table with them and look like it was cut off... her parents were actually way into it! - i used full lighting for this - two 3x4 soft boxes at 75% - one 1x4 soft box up front at 100%

all in all these came out awesome - i think i was just as stoked on these shots as she was.

she also ended up going to my workshop which was just a few days later - as she is going into becoming a photographer/model/hair artist/everything