Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Todays Shoot - Johnny Plague of Winds of Plague

As you may remember from the show before, I was doing some shots for Hatewear, for Jasta (as its his clothing company).

One of the shots I needed to get was Johnny Plague, I caught him before the show even started, and did a quick set with natural light - using the Canon 1DS mark 2 - I wanted a bigger field of focus so I shot at F4.5 ISO100 - at a 160th - we shot against a white trailer which was perfect for solid shade - even lighting. He also brought a bat out for the shoot which added to the effect, we did a couple shots of him holding it like he was swinging it, then I had the idea to have it behind his neck, which I thought made an overall more candid/stronger image.

Always good working with the Plague dudes (and girl) hopefully we will be doing a new all out shoot in the near future

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