Thursday, May 27, 2010

Todays Shoot - All That Remains studio report day 6 - FINAL

Well this is it, the last of many excellent trips to the studio, and sadly the last I will hear of the new record for a while (and it is OH so good).

Today was the big interview (video, obviously) Where I was to interview the band, and then Adam D.

Jeremy (Razor and Tie) and well as EJ (prosthetic) was there to do the whole: check out the new jams, have a meeting with the band, thing. So I snagged a couple of shots of everyone hanging out.

I didnt take alot of photos because it was mostly a video day, but toward the end I got photos of ATR together with Adam, Solo, and with Jim.

For those shots I used the 24-70 - all natural lighting F18 at a 200th at ISO400 - which looking back I should have been at F14 or so due to the clouds coming in/out/in that day, and obviously covering up the sun when we did those photos - but whatever - a quick level bump and its good. (which i did) - then for the shots of jim with atr - the settings were the same just the speed was at a 160th

I always love working with these dudes, because they are like a second family to me, and treat me as such, if not better.

After the shoot we ended up going to hooters for umm 6 hours. best/worst idea ever. haha.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for the videos from this to go online, and for the new record to drop like on Hiroshima.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Todays Shoot - Jesii (NSFW)

You know a shoot is going well when the police show up... right? well thats what happened today.....

Some of you may recognize Jesii as the model featured as the AD model for the corpse paint project as it launched, and may also recognize her from this months REVOLVER MAGAZINE!


Anyway - I was stoked to work with her again but it was 90+ degrees out so both of us were worn out instantly from that.

We started in studio - shooting some of her more gothy lingerie stuff for the goth/fashion/fetish/fine art project ive been working on - All this was shot with split lit soft boxes - so 2 3x4 profoto soft boxes on conpact 300s - i think these were at 80% power - i shot all of these with the 70-200 at F16 at a 160th ISO100

I decided to do some naturally lit fine-art photos outside with the 24-70 - it was a decent day out - super hot - so i didnt want to bring a ton of gear down, ya know - bein lazy sometimes. It was about 730pm at this point - so i jumped up to ISO400 - cause it was already getting darker. I was shooting around 4.0-5.6 at first then jumped down to 2.8 for the rest and majority of the shoot, in the fields I was shooting around a 400th - but when in shadows I was shooting closer to a 100th

After that we ran upstairs to do a quick corpse paint application as the light/time was very much against us.

We started off just behind the building - I brought out two dynalite uni400s with umbrellas, and starting shooting on a slab of concrete in the back against the dark blue sky (as it was almost night time) - after about 2 minutes shooting, a car pulled up and stopped a little ways off... she hid behind me and got dressed... I flagged the car over


but, he was super nice, he was seeing what was going on, making sure she was of age, and basically telling us to be careful because of some homeless dudes who hang out nearby.

I told him it was for an art project, we wouldnt be more than another 5 mins or so, and that my studio was just inside, we was super cool about it - told her to stay dressed until he flipped around and left - and let us go about doing our thing... but still, scared the shit out of me, because police around a photoshoot is never a situation anyone wants.

Anyway - i was LOVING the shots I was getting but one of my batteries was being a dick and overheated super fast and went into red - so about 1/2 of the shots was unusable until i let the battery rest - which was during the cop convo - but again - against falling light - it was ROUGH

I shot these at F16 at a 10th to bleed in the little bit of light that was left - and shot QUICKLY - again at ISO400 - i LOVE to blend i got here - its exactly what i was hoping for at that hour.

We then hit the spot we did some of the fine art shots in - i figured a nature type of shot with minimal natural light - but unfortunately it was so dark i had to have her hold up my cell phone to get a focus point before shooting. and because of that and movement/posing - some of them are a bit off in focus - days like that i was i could have an assistant or a flashlight - i should probably invest in a flashlight as i cant really have an assistant on these shoots haha.

The lights were a bit closer together on this one so I was shooting at F16 - and i love the lighting here - it looks like all of this was done in studio - and thats what i wanted - i just wish it was bright enough to get focus haha. you cant really tell except when looking at them hi-res and zooming in - so maybe with some post-sharpening itll be all good.

we finished up in studio - using the boomed beauty dish - as i havent shot her like that before - as i didnt have a boom stand the last time we shot together - for this the beauty dish was on a compact 300 and set to 50% power - shooting with the 70-200 - at F20 at a 160th at ISO100

Jesii is an awesome model to work with - she absolutely has a unique look, I dont know what it is but she doesnt look anything like anyone else I shoot, and I dig that. We will be shooting again soon! so keep your eyes open for that