Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Todays Shoot - Murderdolls

So because I wasnt able to do this shoot the first day due to heat and lack of a place to shoot - we scheduled this shoot for the next day at mayhem fest. And because this was for the cover of a magazine - I wasnt able to share the images until it printed :)

So being that it was a really important shoot, even though it was hot, I had to make sure I get this band outside...

For the first shot, We did the loading docks which was very heavy traffic, and was the biggest nightmare of the entire shoot... I basically did this shot because I know itd be darker and indoors, prior to moving them into brighter, and outdoor locations.

This was shot with two umbrellas at 45 degree angles pointed toward the center - shot at F16 with the 24-70

After shooting indoors I took them to a spot underneath an overhang - and used a boomed beauty dish - I figured this wasnt in sunlight - though warm - it wouldnt melt them - I shot these at F18

After that set I did a few natural shots by a fence behind Korns tour bus at 2.8 at a 60th - and then ended up shooting against an adjacent wall while Jon Davis rolled by on a segway a few times. The shots against the brick wall are with two bare bulb rims and a straight foward beauty dish shot at F16

For the set I wanted to get - I got them out into the open and shot them against the sky with a boomed dish and a single rim bare bulb behind them (this shot is what made the cover) - this was shot at F16 as well

for the last few shots I went for some natural light shots in the same overhang area we shot earlier - Joey had to jet to get ready for Rob Zombies set - so i finished up with some solos of Wednesday 13

All in all - it was a quick but VERY effective shoot - we got everything we needed and the final spread ended up AWESOME in the new issue of outburn!

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