Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Todays Shoot - Jac Vanek

So over the past few years, I had been in touch with Jac about photo-stuff, booking a shoot, etc. But it never actually came to fruition due to us never being in the same spot at the same time.

Well, finally, I caught up with her at the CT warped tour and booked a shoot for Mass, figured we would get some shoots and I would submit her for the spread I was doing on warped tour.

I was having ALOT of issues with my lights that day, they were just trying to fight me, so out of about 100 images id say a solid 30 had misfired flashes and issues and went straight to the DELETED button. but! we got some excellent images despite those annoying issues.

The first set of shots is with two bare bulb uni400s (dynalite) and a dynalite uni400 with a beauty dish as a main. I shot this at ISO100 at a 160th F18. I really wanted her hair to pop against the background and really capture the storm brewing behind her - mission accomplished.

The second set of shots I was shooting natural light at F 2.8 to get a really solid depth of field, as I did with every shoot for this spread

It was AWESOME getting to finally work with Jac, and YES! her images will be in the spread! so yeayy! success!!! I am sure we will be working together again, and we mayyyy just have a little something we are working on together in the immediate future... SHH... youll read about it soon!

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