Saturday, July 31, 2010

Todays Shoot - A Day to Remember

So! being that this was a shoot for a magazine - I couldnt post the images until it printed.

I was hit up to do this shoot in Syracuse during the K-Rockathon.

I convinced the mighty Mike Martin to leave a few hours early (as its a bit of a drive to Syracuse) - but that story.... will be in the K-rockathon post - and is worth reading - promise!

Getting to work with my really good friends (fam), is absolutely the BEST part of my job - hands down! - so getting to do another (i think my 7th?) shoot with the ADTR guys is not only awesome - but super easy to get done because they know me - they know how I shoot, and I know how they pose, etc.

The backstage area of the fest was all trailers and 1000 people in bands, crews, etc. So I did the first set in the field - using a beauty dish and two rims - and shot this at F14

for a second set I did some natural light shots up on the hill by the fence - shooting at 2.8 - still with the 24-70 lens - did some solos as well

for the next shot there was a pile of... stuff? I had them stand on and do some epic posed - i put my dish up high and used a single rim to my right - their left and shot these at F13 - going for an epppic feel

Next shot we went back to the field and did some shoots with a boomed dish - to get a darker feel so everything didnt look super bright - also did solos with this set - these were at F18

The next sets we did were by the entrance of the race track - against a well - and on a bench - shooting natural light - at 2.8 to get a strong depth of field - and again having fun with the shots

For the last fun set - we went on the track and I had the dudes look like they were running full speed - again shot at 2.8 - these are probably my favorite shots of the set.

for the last shot I wanted to get a more standard shot against the different colored bleachers - against at 2.8 - and I really liked these shots because even though it was colorful I cropped it so it cut out all sky - all ground - and had a tight shot where the focus on the band isnt killed by the color or anything around it.

This printed in the most recent issue of outburn - with murderdolls on the cover - go peep it!

Again, getting to work with these dudes time after time is just AWESOME - seeing them go from starting out - to where they are now is mind blowing - just a few years ago they were in halls playing to 20 kids - now they are playing to 20 thousand... so proud of em! and absolutely an honor and a privilege to call them good friends, and to be able to work with them - again and again.

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