Sunday, July 11, 2010

Todays Shoot - Kelsey and the Chaos

So this being the 2nd shoot I was doing for the day, and being in between Andrew WK and Dillinger, I had to conserve whatever batteries I had left after the AWK shoot for Dillinger, So I figured I would shoot some one-light and natural stuff, as its been working out pretty well for me lately.

I started by booming one soft box up high using the uni400 dynalite - but I just wasnt feeling the lighting... so I basically said "fuck it" and decided to do standard triangular lighting - i never do a shoot half assed - gotta always go all out and put everything available into the shots - anyway - triangular lighting - which is two rims (bare with reflectors) on the sides pointing in toward the center/their shoulders/mid body etc. - and using the soft box as a main - now the soft box softens the light so much it wouldnt really trigger the 3rd (and only unsynced) light. it would go off about 1/3rd of the time by catching the other rim. I really need to get a 3rd pocket wizard - anyone selling one? get at me! :) haha.

So for sessions, as im sure youve noticed, the 16-35 is no longer my go-to lens... my 24-70 has become my on location lens, almost completely. I really like its range a bit better than the 16-35 although I do really LOVE how wide the 16 gets.

Anyhoo - I shot this at ISO100 F18-20 at a 125th-160th to blend in the natural lighting

After shooting with lights I decided to do some natural lit VERY selective focus shots between some trains, these were shot with the same lens - F2.8 at an 800th - as it was pretty bright out

I really like the outcome here, it was a short notice, shoot with a band I knew VERY little about and I am PUMPED on the outcome of this, even though the shoot was riddled with issues, we made it work, and we made it look SOLID! The images are bright, they pop, its perfect for the image they have, and all in all we have a slew of usable images to go to press.

These guys (and girl) are GREAT people - like me, they are Berklee drop outs! haha. FUCK THAT SCHOOL! they are super good people, and i really hope i get to work with them again in a less faulty photo shoot haha.

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