Saturday, July 24, 2010

Todays Shoot - Norma Jean

This was actually my only planned press shoot that happened at the CT date of mayhem fest.

I set up in an area behind the stage for the big shoot I was supposed to do, which got canceled last minute so I figured I would shoot Norma Jean in that area.

I shot with a single boomed beauty dish, and two umbrellas for the first set which was against a giant concrete wall, then moved down near a fence and shot with only the beauty dish - these were again shot with the Canon 1DS Mark2 and the 24-70 2.8 lens at ISO100 F10-F11 at a 125th

After shooting those sets I did some natural light shots against a green wall - which was simple - clean - not a busy background - exactly what i go for when shooting natural light

My settings for this were F2.8 at a 200th-320th

It was awesome getting to see Norma Jean dudes again - they have been really awesome to me ever since we really met in 06 when I was on Ozzfest for the summer. I always get stoked when i get to run into them, because they are not just good dudes in terms of working with them, or a band, they are genuinely good people, and getting to know a couple of them a bit, it shines though in everything they do.

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