Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Todays Shoot - Hanna Beth

Hanna Beth has been a friend for YEARS, and shes such an excellent person, so any chance I get to work with her, I jump at the opportunity.

She was on Warped Tour again this year, so I figured we could do some shots, and if anything, again, I would try to get her in the warped spread and get her some press

The sky was just about to open up and pour, so I figured I would stick with the darker stormy photos, but half way through got something much more natural and bright.

I started with a boomed beauty dish at half power (uni400 - dynalite) - and got the really dark creepy shots - I shot these at F20-22 at ISO100 at a 160th - I used two positions - one where the dish was front lighting - kinda going for a spot lit type of look, then I pointed it down for more directional lighting

After shooting those I decided to do some natural light shots, which, due to the overcast sky, looked incredible, and really brought out all of Hanna Beths features. These were at 2.8 for selective focus.

It was excellent getting to work with her again, I really really gotta get her out to the studio sometime for a real ALL OUT shoot one day soon! and yes, her image will also be in the warped tour spread next month :)

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