Monday, January 23, 2012

Capturing Music feb 2012

its been a while since i posted on here, i will do
my best this year to keep better updates... for now this one is just going to be behind the scenes photos from my seminar this weekend. Check it!

Also big thanks to Vanna and Thy Will Be Done for always going above and beyond, making it out to the seminar and doing multiple shoots with all of the students, thank you!!

TD - lord of breaking things.

Triangular lighting example portrait - edited

Showing a 2 light set up to create depth using shadows and leading line via a main parabolic down toward legs

lighting from above - single light


Shooting TWBD

Davey relaxing toward the end of a very long day of photos

Frank on a ladder

Nikon... tisktisk.. dont worry, she will learn...

TWBD getting cuddly for a shot

Jocelyn shooting Jay TWBD

My incredible assistant Christine being assisted with rabbit ears


TWBD using a reflector to fill in shadows in a natural light shot

TWBD location shot using 3 lights

Alectra shooting TWBD





Some dude with a beard

Using that 1.2F stop to get foreground, subject and background. loving this lens




Brendan and Jackie

Students and Vanna watching some shoots

Vanna braving the cold to do a quick shoot with me

Test shot with Davey before resetting lighting for fisheye

Wicked Lou says something wicked to Davey



Bullet Belts are KEY

Chris TWBD

Wicked Lou and Davey