Saturday, July 24, 2010

Todays Shoot - Jamey Jasta, Randy Blythe, and Brian Fair for Hatewear

Jasta and I are at the point where at any given point I could get hit up to shoot ANYTHING! which is awesome. I always welcome unexpected shoots/curveballs, and I always get the job done, and done well.

This time around he hit me up to get some shots for his clothing company HATEWEAR

He wanted to get a bunch of the key dudes over for a group shoot, but because everyone was everywhere - it ended up being Jasta, Randy, and Brian, which is perfect cause they are pretty much THE key frontmen for metal/hardcore on the tour.

My lights were set up across the venue so I shot natural light at 5.6 at ISO100 with the 24-70 which has become my portrait session - on location - lens - it used to be the 16-35 but i tend to use that for only live stuff now a days.

Anyway! we shot against a bus that had a dimebag wrap and alot of color - i didnt like the shadowing as the sun was direct left of the dudes - but i made it work - and it looks epic for the solo shots.

this was another shoot where I wish I could have brought in lights but they were set up across the venue for another shoot - so I really couldnt, plus everyone was in a rush - as they are at festivals. Either way, cant wait to see what I shoot next for Jasta.

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