Thursday, July 22, 2010

Todays Shoot - Jane Doe

Still playing catch up - im about 10 shoots behind! workload has been INTENSE but ill do my best to keep up with em!

Todays shoot is with a good friend, and "ladies of metal" model - Jane Doe. I'm not sure if shes named after the converge record? *shrug*

Anyway - we had two days to shoot a slew of things, as shes from Texas and is very rarely in the area.

The first day we focused on in-studio goth/industrial and on location fine art.

We started off with the goth/industrial/fashion project - which is shot with 2 3x4 profoto softboxes on compact 300s - I used my 70-200 for the entirety of the in studio shots - I tend to use the 70-200 in studio and the 24-70 for all location stuff - then the 16-35 and fisheye for live concert stuff.

ANYWAY! - so i was shooting at ISO100 at a 160th F14 with the split lighting

I never shoot these ONLY straight on - ill go left and right to offset the shadow so its not always centered, because that would just be boring. Anyway - LOOK! PHOTOS!

It was getting darker out - about 8pmish, but we decided to go outside anyway and work with what we had. I wanted to shoot in the same spot I had shot The Acacia Strain just a few days earlier. I used two umbrellas on dynalite uni400s - i just used them as split lighting - as it easily gives a solid halo of light for one person while giving an awesome natural vignette as well. Anyway - these were shot at ISO200 (light was fading) at F14 - at a 100th - the shots against the concrete wall were at an 80th - against the sky - a 125th - all shot with the 24-70

After that we rolled inside and did a quick set inside - same settings but i was at F16 as the lighting was a bit closer.

We then rolled up to the studio for Corpse Paint! we started on white shooting with split lighting (two 3x4 softboxes pointed into each other) - seems once you have a standard set for this project - which i do - the settings are always the same - ISO100 - F16 - at a 160th - lights at 80% power. Its almost second nature once you know a set up like the back of your hand. and id say i know these set ups more than even the back of my hand haha.

After split I boomed a beauty dish up high pointed it straight down - and shot another one of those second nature sets where i know the settings will always be 50% power - F18-F22 (height dependent) at ISO100 at a 160th - when I shoot these sets I always place my softbox about 6-8 feet from the background so you get that midtone grey from a white paper background. and another thing to keep an eye on is where the models nose/face is pointed - if its up youll get full light - if its down - you wont even have a shot. right at you? then you get some shadowing, but it could work to complement the image - as it does often in this series

I wanted to shoot a bunch of location stuff but at this point we were SO tired we just hit the basement for a quick set with the boomed beauty dish - which in wider situations than the studio will give you a nice half-moon type circle of light which looks AWESOME in some situations. - these were shot at F22 at a 160th ISO100

END DAY 1! - so for day two we planned out a big shoot but were all pretty shot. We did some pin up stuff then called it a day - as shes going to be back up here in about a month as my new roomate - yeay!

Anyhoo - the pin up stuff was shot with two 3x4 soft boxes and a 1x4 soft box main - for shots on the ground they were tilted down - These were all shot at F13 at a 160th at ISO100

I've said it before, and will say it again - when it comes to corpse paint photos - two giant inverted crosses in your arm pit as tattoos - are PERFECT! When she comes back - im sure we will be shooting an outdoor corpse paint set. Its quick a trek from Texas, I'm not sure if the winter will kill her...

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