Monday, February 1, 2010

Todays Shoot - Aiden and Cancer Bats

So today I got to see my good friends in both Aiden and Cancer Bats. I was shooting them both for a slew of different magazine outlets.

It was a bit of a hike to one of my favorite places on earth (Clifton Park, NY).

The only problem with shooting in the winter is you CAN NOT shoot outside. Therefor you are stuck shooting inside or not at all.

The only OTHER big problem with that - especially at Northern Lights (venue) is that every single wall in the entire venue is nitro blue. and I've already done shoots with A Day To Remember, Earth Crisis, Walls of Jericho, SkyEats Airplane and The Devil Wears Prada in the venue, so there wasnt much to shoot that I haven't already used.

I brought my brand new awesome boom stand with me and got to use it for the first time! yeayyy

My first shoot was Aiden, our first set up was in the seats in the back room against the blue, however in post production i took the blues and lowered their value, making them grey, so the images would not look like everything i've previously shot there.

The lights for this shot are - dynalite jackrabbits unis - 1 cold tone umbrella left about 2.5-3.5 feet above head level pointed downard to get the right side lit - another cold tone umbrella right - same settings. and a boomed beauty dish pointing straight down at the table for fill and also using the table as a bit of a reflector to lose any shadows under their faces

here is a final edit

After finishing the third Aiden set, I was doing some solos of Wil when Liam from Cancer Bats stepped in for some fun shots of the two together - for these shots I left the blue in there.

light set up is two cold tone umbrellas on jackrabbit unis back - left and right - pointing in for side/back light - a bare uni behind them shooting at me but pointed about 45 degrees down to the floor to light up the reds (not visable in these shots) - and a boomed beauty dish as a main

final image

Next up were Cancer Bats

We did a similar set up - but I brought in the umbrellas as side lighting - beauty dish boomed - and again - with the bare shot light behind them to light the floor a bit - and give them a cool leading shadow toward the camera.

These dudes are always fun to shoot and hang out with, so we ended up with alot of good, fun shots.

I stayed away from the walls to negate having even more blue in the shots.

I was trying to get something much darker, more mid-telephoto look then wide.

final image

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