Saturday, February 13, 2010

Todays Shoot - Our Last Night (day 2) + Vanna live

Today was day 2 of the Our Last Night photo session.

Luckily, today was indoors, and due to getting a bit of a late start, we had very little to work with and very little time to shoot.

So we had their dressing room to work with... I did two sets - one on a couch - and one against the wall.

Couch unedited photo below - lighting is just split lighting with two cold tone umbrellas

The room was too small to use my 70-200 so I had to use my 16-35... i really need to get the 24-70 - anyone wanna donate?

I think the dudes were pretty burnt out on photos from the day before - I never get that feeling... I get tired, i get worn out, worn thin, but I could shoot for 27 hours a day. - but i TOTALLY understand being SHOT after being.... SHOT... for that long.

So after a quick quick set of photos - i packed up my session gear - got the live gear ready for the show which was Vanna, Our Last Night, A Loss For Words... etc.

A Loss For Words - Live

Our Last Night - Live

The show was really good, lots of younger photographers in the pit...

The front lighting was abnormally strong, so rather then shooting at a 10th i was shooting at a 20th at F8 (mostly) 9.5 for close ups - and 5.6 for bigger wider shots.

At the end of the vanna show - we did the standard - band against thier crowd shot - but unfortunately the band didnt announce it prior to the shot - and the lights were turned off as fans were walking out - so the shot isnt as ideal as i had hoped for

about 1700 kids at the show - epiiiic! - great middle of these crazy three days of shooting

Alesana photo shoot tomorrow!

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