Saturday, January 30, 2010

Todays Shoot - Epica

Today was going to be an interesting shoot

First it was a band I had never worked with before called Epica - who are symphonic power metal with female vocals, VERY cool.

Second, the photo shoot was set up and confirmed just a few hours before the shoot actually took place.

So being that the shoot was at The Palladium, where I do a solid 50% of my shoots, if not more... I had to do something different.

We did a few sets, but the one I liked the most was in the seats above the front of house sound board.

We pulled out the tables to the left and right of the center seat, and put umbrellas there - then put a beauty dish about as high as it could possibly go by the front of house area - which was about five feet lower then where they were sitting.

I really like the ceiling being blue, and the seats being warm tone/red..ish... it makes for a cool contrast.

The only thing to note is that Epica's keyboardist was off being married so Samone's (singer) boyfriend, and Kamelot Keyboardist was filling in both on tour and in the shoot.

The other sets we did were on the empty stage, and floor of the downstairs palladium, but the shots in the seat were my favorites.

The band all in all was suuuuper nice and kind of adorable.

At one point the singer asked if i had eaten - I said yep - next door - shitty burgers.

She said she went to get hot dogs, but they were not good, kind of "not-so-hot-dogs"

Trust - in a netherland accent thats pretty much the most adorible thing ive heard in a long time.

anyway - the lighting set up is above - shot wide angle because i had ZERO room to shoot from where they were sitting - i shot from the next level below - which was the front of house area

I shot this around F10 - 15ish? at a 10th 20th or 30th to soak in some of the bar lighting - ISO 200

here is one of the final shots

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