Thursday, February 25, 2010

Todays Shoot - Flogging Molly/Frank Turner (live)

Todays show was at the webster theater in hartford.

Now, I've been hearing ALOT about Frank Turner via Mr. Matt Pike, who has literally been jocking this dudes music non-stop

and suffice to say, I found out why, first hand.

Anyone who hasn't heard of or listened to Frank Turner... take the good advice of my friend, and check him out.

todays lighting was actually a bit better then normal for the webster, as you can see in the Flogging Molly shots, they had some lights scrimming their backdrop and in turn it bounced off the ceiling and created a great back fill for the angle the photographers are shooting at, which added alot of awesome purple and greens to the shots

shot at F8 - a 15th-30th - ISO400

Unedited shots below

Frank Turner

Flogging Molly

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