Sunday, February 7, 2010

Todays Shoot - The World We Knew for Seventh Dagger

So I've been working with Seventh Dagger for a while now.

For those who dont know - Seventh Dagger is a Straight Edge clothing company and record label.

One of Seventh Dagger's alumni - The World We Knew ended up with my good friend Jeff as their tour manager. Jeff has also been in every Seventh Dagger shoot I have done.

So! Danny (7D Owner) hit me up to do a quick shoot with the guys and Jeff for the catalog as well as the new FUCK DRUGS shirt - which was an idea spawned by The World We Knew.

We wanted to go silly, so i didnt keep them on the background, i got equipment in the shot, and we had fun with it.

Lighting - 2 3x4 prophoto softboxes 1 beauty dish boomed above at half power for fill - shot at a 125th at F16 - iso 125

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