Thursday, February 25, 2010

Todays Shoot - New Found Glory (live)

This was one of those rare occations where some of my really good friends were actually in the bands crew (rather then in the band, weird right?)

This show and tour was celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their self titled record, so the fanbase was the biggest age range I have seen at a pop punk show, maybe ever.

Hung out with some of my friends for a bit, and watched Chad destroy everything on modern warfare 2 (i suck at that game, dude seriously had an 8:1 kill to death ratio..)

Anyway, for the show, the webster always has weak front lighting, so i used a 580EX flash with 80/20 lumaquest with diffusion - shot at a 15th-30th at F8 (dropping to f5.6 and up to f11 depending on distance)

Here are a slew of the unedited live photos

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