Sunday, February 21, 2010

Todays Shoot - Legend

New to Rise Records is the mighty LEGEND from Michigan.

This shoot took place at around 11pm-1am so I had very little to work with due to how cold and dark it is for any on location shooting

So we started in studio on white, I started by giving them a really fashion-lit type of look - using two hair lights at half power (bare bulb) (sans the hair, obviously) and a boomed soft box at full power shot F14 at a 160th iso 100

see unedited raw photo below

Then I wanted to play with strong directional lighting so i boomed a beauty dish up high and pointed it straight down which i knew would give them a creepy look - eyes dark - and make the white background go a bit grey or black with a circular halo of light splashing behind them as well - which ended up making the white go almost black and look like there was a background light behind them - which there wasnt - this is just one light - beauty dish above them - pointed down

see unedited raw image below - F16-18 160th, iso100

After that, we did some with more full lighting on a black background - again using two rim lights above them pointed in and down (behind them) - and this time using a boomed 1x4 soft box for more selective soft lighting.

see unedited raw photo below - F14 160th iso100

Last we went into the basement and I wanted to do something more spread out and open with different lighting.

SO, I set them in a diamond type of shape.

I put one umbrella directly to the left of the guy all the way on the left and pointed it toward the far back member, which would half light the left member and the member all the way in back - while also flooding the background with a bit of light, then I put a second umbrella in front of and to the right of the right member - and pointed it toward to left member which would flood the middle with light - light the guy on the right - the guy on the left - and give the singer a little bit of back light. then i set a boomed beauty dish above the singer for front/above lighting which would also bleed onto the left and right members for some fill light

the umbrellas were powered at 80% while the boomed dish was at 60%

See set up shot here - the umbrellas are pointed in so they arent too too easy to see - but using what i said above - look for them

here is what an unedited shot from this set looks like

All in all this late night shoot was a success, and im pretty pumped on the shots. I've known Joe since his days in for the fallen dreams, so it was cool getting to work with him again.

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