Monday, February 8, 2010

Todays Shoot - Landon and Alanna

So today was one of those days where I had two photo shoots back to back.

First up was my good friend D.L (you may know him from The Acacia Strain) and his new family.

His baby Landon is 1 month old so it was time for some portraits.

here is an unedited image of the fam

for the photo geeks - it was shot with two 3x4 soft boxes and 1 1x4 soft box up front for full and flat lighting (no shadows) - shot at iso 125 f16 - 160th - profoto lights

my second shoot was with a model named Alanna for my upcoming book projects.

alanna naturally has really curly brown hair and ended up wearing a black wig with a pink strip in it.

the pink hair REALLY popped in the shots - so i was pretty stoked on how they came out with the wig on.

here is one of the unedited images - be warned it is NSFW!

lighting = two 3x4 soft boxes split - shot at iso 125 - F18 - at 160th


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