Thursday, February 11, 2010

Todays Shoot - Blue Arson

Today was a shoot for a good friend of mine, Nick Burns. Some of the western mass, and some of the Straight Edge HXC crew may remember him from such bands as Chuck Brunswick, Conqueror, and i think he was also in another 3 or 12 bands aside from those.

His newest incarnation is a bit of a departure from the old hardcore.

This band is BRAND NEW so I wanted them to have a few decent images to use in order to build off of.

The name of the band is Blue Arson so I wanted to play with some blues - you can see a small hint of the blue gel behind them.

check them out here

The only tricky part of the shoot was all the dudes on the left (see photo) are bigger dudes and the guy on the right is about a foot and a half shorter and teeny tiny. So we had him stand on a box to bring his head level up to the rest for some shots, which at the time was really funny, but in all, it strengthened the image, alot.

lights = for this shot i used 2 3x4 boxes up high (about 3 feet above them) behind them pointed down and in at a 45 degree angle (thats the light you see on their shoulders). a bare blub with a blue gel behind them pointed at the background for a hint of blue. and a 1x4 softbox boomed above them pointing down (toward their faces - not straight down) for a front/fill.

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