Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Webster Gallery (my super huge mega awesome announcement)

(this really means alot to me, but i understand if you dont want to read this lengthy little thing i wrote up - just scroll to the bottom to see some images if youd like to skip it)

I have been a patron of Hartford’s Webster Theater since I was about 12 years old, then quickly found it to be a place where I worked as a photographer. I tend to spend most of my time at my home away from home which is The Palladium in Worcester.

Over the years I went to The Webster a bit less and less because my work mostly had me in mass, but It’s always held a special place as its one of the venues where I really started my career.

Recently, the company I’ve been doing work with since I was in my teens, took over The Webster Theater, and thus again, I am constantly there yet again.

I’ve shot easily 100-200 shows at the venue, and have a pretty vast library of images from its last decade of history, which is awesome to sometimes look back on and see where bands were then, and where they are now.

Some become legendary (like Hatebreed. AFI), while others break up, stay at the same level, pass away, and fall into the annals of music history, never to return.

Anyway, the very unique opportunity came up where they were re-doing the venue, trying to make it look nicer (and they did!) fixing up A LOT of the venue, painting it, etc.. So they also wanted to add to the visuals. I got a call asking if I would be interested in having some of my work displayed inside the venue.

Now, to me, that is the biggest honor I could ever think of… to have my work hanging inside such a historic venue where I’ve spent the better part of building my career.

So, we collectively decided on a good variety of images that include legendary bands (motorhead, slayer, black label, sevendust, social distortion, the misfits, green day, pantera) as well as some of the pop punk bands (new found glory, the used, good charlotte) and even the hometown heros (hatebreed, shadows fall, all that remains, the acacia strain) and some of the Webster favorites (static-x, lacuna coil, lamb of god, rob zombie) and some others in there as well.

This is officially my first out of studio gallery/installation. All images are black and white, live images, taken over the past decade, printed in large format (24x26 I believe) – and are all around the first two rooms at The Webster.

So please, next time you are there, take a look.

I would never have imagined my work would one day be hanging in a venue… its such an unbelievable honor,

Thank you Chris, Scott, Gina, Sylvia, John for turning a dream into a career, and SO much more!

Here are a bunch of photos so those who wont be at The Webster, can see what it looks like

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  1. Sean and I were at the Webster for Doomriders on Saturday night, and I immediately noticed your pictures. It looks great in there Jeremy!