Sunday, February 14, 2010

Todays Shoot - Alesana + A Skylit Drive/Alesana Live

WELP! I got to my studio to pick up gear and found a MELTED charger loaded with MELTED batteries - caramelized and completely fucking shot. (basically the batteries were charging overnight, overheated, and exploded, AWESOME! right? UGH!)

UPDATE - maha is 2-nighting me a new charger and replacement batteries - THANKS MAHA!

Today was some what a last minute planned shoot.

Basically what happened was I needed a photo pass to shoot the show live, contacted the publicist who to my excitement was an old friend who I used to work with on Victory shoots not too long ago. SO! we set up a photosesh with the Alesana dudes.

I knew I wanted to give them a darker, and less polished look then they are normally used to. I decided I was going to shoot them in the backrooms of the palladium, which I kinda overused in 2007-2008 (Coheed, Terror, Nightwish, The Devil Wears Prada, Kingdom of Sorrow, Fear Before and more!) and havent used much at all in the last two years for that reason.

Unfortunately the shoot was planned for 5, which is post-sundown so there would be no natural ambient light... and to further kill that, the shoot didnt even get started until 6pm due to a later sound check and meet/greet.

The shoot started off as any, with introductions and a bit of a game plan, however this one started with some of them already knowing who i was, and being "really excited" to shoot with me, which is GREAT! because that means they will give 110% when we shoot. Its always better to shoot a band who is into it, rather then a band who could care less.

I was lucky enough that there were some flood lights to use in order to see/get focus points for everything.

We shot four sets in the first room, and the set I liked the most from that spot was when we used the marquee letters (yesyes, i know, i did this with TDWP, but i like this a bit better, its much darker/different feel). The background was super dark so i used a boomed beauty dish to light them - an umbrella pointed toward to wall behind them to light the environment.background a bit - and a bare-bulb pointed at them, angled toward the floor to give them a bit of depth.

Check the unedited/raw image below

After shooting that room a bit we hit upstairs
where there are two dilapidated creepy rooms to shoot in. The last set we did in the 2nd room was probably my favorite. there is a giant diagonal pipe going across the room which makes it a bit difficult to photograph in that room... so what i did... I set up two cold tone umbrellas to scim across their backs/flood the environment a bit, then boomed a beauty dish up high pointed straight down - to get a really dark and creepy "lit from above" type of feel.

raw/unedited example below

after finishing their shoot I hit downstairs to start shooting the live stuff, unfortunately I got to the stage a bit too late to shoot of mice and men, which my good friend Jerry Roush was filling in on vocals for.

The lighting was decent, but with the melted battery problem, I had to shoot sparse in order to conserve power through out the night.

Hopefully I can get that shit sorted out tomorrow... melted batteries and no charger make jeremy a SAD photog.

Here are some of the live snaps.

A Skylit Drive



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