Friday, February 12, 2010

Todays Shoot - Our Last Night (day 1)

So I had the opportunity to do a two day photo shoot for Our Last Night (Epitaph Records) which is to be used for basically... EVERYTHING they have coming out/coming up in the near future.

It was 30-35 degrees outside but VERY windy, so we all knew we were in for a cold, COLD, day.

We met up at the studio around 11, and started our shoot in holyoke at the old "MT. Tom" which burnt down, so I was ready to shoot on all the burnt wood/debris in that area.

When we got there the area was clear - everything had been removed save for three trees, and a shit ton of mud.

We did our first few sets there, and all got kind of muddy. It was a clear sky, so i ended up shooting at a really high speed to darken the images a bit and make the sky look more dark-blue then sky-blue.

see the test shot below

We then went to the Ashley Reservoir - which is a land bridge that cuts though a giant reservoir, however obviously it was frozen solid. So after a bit of a hike, we made it to the land bridge, and shot against the frozen lake, which are some of my favorite shots of the day. and we also shot against the land bridge. Being that its a giant body of frozen water and extremely windy - we all got SUPER cold - probably to the point of risking health for photo needs, if we had stayed out there much longer.

see test shots below

After some wings and cheesesteak, we hit a spot under the bridge which was OK, but directly after found a pile of hay - and had some fun shooting on that.

see unedited image below

We then headed back tot he studio and I found a spot with a shed covered in dead tree growth which i thought looked AWESOME (my absolute favorites from the day) - so i decided to shoot it with only one boomed soft box to really give it a darker, spot-lit soft feel.

See test shot below

After another outdoor set, we hit the studio, and shot some standard - on a black, blue, and PINK! background - I used two rims and a boomed softbox for all of the sets, experimenting with something i dont usually use (rims)

See set up shot below

After that, we hit the creepy basement, did a few sets down there, then called it a VERY long, but VERY productive day!

see set up..ish shot below

Tomorrow, day 2, at the palladium in worcester.

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