Friday, June 11, 2010

Todays Shoot - Fear Factory

Fear Factory are one of those bands that paved the way for any heavy band youve heard post 1994. Their current line up is Burton, Dino, Gene and Byron.

I've worked with Gene and Byron before a few times with Strapping Young Lad (all of ozzfest 06) as well as Dethklok, (Gene is dethklok's drummer, as Byron was their tour manager for the first tour they did)

I also worked with Dino (sorta) with Divine Heresy - who were opening up for the all that remains winter headliner I was on.

On top of that, my Ex-Manager and now current roomie! Trae used to manage Burton and his side project, however I've never had the opportunity to work with him directly so I was pretty stoked to drive up to NY and work with 3 people ive worked with on different occasions - all at once!

We started off outside Shooting with 3 dynalite uni400 jack rabbits - 2 with umbrellas - 1 with a beauty dish - for the first set i did 2 umbrellas on the side and the beauty dish above for front lighting - i shot with the 24-70 - ISO100 a 160th at F16 to bring in the sky a bunch

We moved on the a giant white garage-style loading door - I started off with just a beauty dish boomed up high for the first few photos - shot at a 20th - then shot the rest of the set natural light - I shot those at 3200 at 2.8 because I wanted really selective focus with the close ups and solid separation between Burton and the rest of the dudes.

We went inside to do two sets - I figured - lets get out of the sun! - We started in the middle of the floor - and I figured I would blast them with light so it would look some what studio-feel or at least a pitch black room - I did some shots with just a boomed beauty dish - and some with the dish and two umbrellas for fill - I had some light from the beauty dish causing lens flare in a shot or two - but i really like how it was hitting so i kept it. - these were shot at F18 at a 160th

I had them sit down in one of the booths behind where we were shooting for a quick set - you may recall something similar in an Aiden shoot I did in January...or so.. but i figured i was going to shoot it differently and the two fan bases dont cross - so - all good.

I used a beauty dish up top boomed over them and used the flat table to somewhat reflect a touch of light back up - shot this at a 16th at 160th as well

I also remembered Byron used INTUNEGP guitar picks - who ive been doing photos for - for a while - so i did a quick shot with split lighting for that

Lastly Dino asked me to do some shots for his new t-shirt design which was going to be a skull and crossbones type of look with two guitars - I lit it with just the beauty dish to start but brought in and crossed two umbrellas at a 45 degree angle to light each guitar and fill in a bit more - I shot these at F18 - 160th ISO100 - keep your eyes open for that T-shirt coming out soon via Dino

It was an honor and a privilege to get to work with such a legendary band - who I had been listening to since I was little, as well as VERY cool to get to see Dino, Gene, and Byron again.

Cant wait to see these dudes on their next run!

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  1. ok what happened to christian. though dino went to do his thing with b real wish kush