Friday, June 25, 2010

Todays Shoot - Silent Bob (Saffer)

So I was in Jersey to do a workshop, I rolled in a day early to check out the spot and prep.

FUCK NEW JERSEY/NEW YORK! its all traffic all the time, and everyone drives like a kamikaze terrorist all tryin to kill me.

Anyway we were an hour or so from Red Bank, NJ. which is where the infamous CLERKS was filmed.

I went to the quick stop about 3 years ago with all that remains, when on a mini tour in a van, but wanted to go again and be nerdy.

Gage and I rolled up and took some natural light photos of each other in front of the quick stop, if we had a third person it woulda been a perfect Gage and Silent Saff photo - but alas, it was just us.

Anyway - it was shot at an 800th ISO100 at 2.8 - tadaaa

After doing the shoot we went to jay and silent bobs secret stash, I got some stuff, we went back to jersey and did our seminar... which will be my next post!

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