Thursday, June 10, 2010

Todays Shoot - Me... and my Monster

So for those who know or follow whats been goin on - you know I've been doing some work with Monster Energy drinks - and in turn was lucky enough to get a bunch of cases/cooler delivered to my studio for when I have photo shoots. Lucky for them I stopped drinking caffeine in november - or my veins would probably be green by now.

Anyhoo - Monster is not just an energy drink - the music division of monster aka monster music endorses and sponsors bands, tours, festivals, and luckily for me, artists! woo!

When I got my pile of monster - i figured - ooh - I wanted to do a quick epic metal manowar type shot - my foot up on a mountain of monster - then maybe incorporate the fridge some how.

After the Acacia Strain shoot I went back with my friend Dan who was assisting both shoots - we set up a beauty dish and two 3x4 soft boxes - with another 1x4 soft box very close to the ground to throw some light on the front of the monster cases - shot with the 24-70

I also did some shots with the fridge - i couldnt think of anything really exciting to do with it - but while moving the fridge - dan took out the close to the ground soft box - and broke the profoto compact 300 - ugh. in for repair it goes. - anyway - so this is that

I figured why not show monster some love when they do so many amazing things for the music industry - the metal and hardcore community especially. thanks monster!

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