Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Todays Shoot - My Children My Bride (live)

Due to an extremely heavy workload I was unable to attend the first of two local MCMB shows (the palladium show) but I wasnt going to miss hanging out with the best dudes - and seeing the new jams live. - So I went down to the Hartford show at the Webster

I really wanted to get good sing along type shots - because it was one of those small club shows where i was dodging mosh a bit - there was a pregnant girl moshing - that was gross.

Anyway - i shot these with the 40D - the 16-35 to really get wide shots of the sing alot - because i was at the far side of the floor i was always shooting toward the center - using the 580 ex2 speedlite - with the lumiquest 80/20 diffusion - shooting iso 400 because theres NO lighting for the most part - oh - and joe - their bassist - he smashed his foot - so in the photos - his leg is up on a chair

oh and look! MCMB in the new issue of outburn - GIT EET!

it was awesome getting to hang with the dudes as always - some of whom have become really really good friends/fam.

cant wait to see these dudes again - their new cd kills - go get it.

oh p.s. they have a mcmb fragrance out - it smells like 12 year old girls body spray from middle school - just a warning. i think theres even pink glitter in it. so i should probably go get another bottle.

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