Thursday, May 27, 2010

Todays Shoot - All That Remains studio report day 6 - FINAL

Well this is it, the last of many excellent trips to the studio, and sadly the last I will hear of the new record for a while (and it is OH so good).

Today was the big interview (video, obviously) Where I was to interview the band, and then Adam D.

Jeremy (Razor and Tie) and well as EJ (prosthetic) was there to do the whole: check out the new jams, have a meeting with the band, thing. So I snagged a couple of shots of everyone hanging out.

I didnt take alot of photos because it was mostly a video day, but toward the end I got photos of ATR together with Adam, Solo, and with Jim.

For those shots I used the 24-70 - all natural lighting F18 at a 200th at ISO400 - which looking back I should have been at F14 or so due to the clouds coming in/out/in that day, and obviously covering up the sun when we did those photos - but whatever - a quick level bump and its good. (which i did) - then for the shots of jim with atr - the settings were the same just the speed was at a 160th

I always love working with these dudes, because they are like a second family to me, and treat me as such, if not better.

After the shoot we ended up going to hooters for umm 6 hours. best/worst idea ever. haha.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for the videos from this to go online, and for the new record to drop like on Hiroshima.