Friday, May 14, 2010

Todays Shoot - Rae (NSFW)

My good friend/part time little sister/future wife while i was in middle school was a girl named Rachel.

We reconnect on and off here and again as time goes on.. this time around she mentioned modeling for me, which of course I was down to have someone model for me - and in the mean time have a good catch up sesh.

Anyway, this was her first time modeling, which isnt a bad thing, I shoot alot of first time models but she was just miserable. "wait, you have to do stuff? i thought models just did whatever, this is like work, this sucks, id rather write a term paper" - yyyyyyyyyyeaaaaaa

shes very ADHD - so holding a pose didnt really work for her - the first bunch of sets i got a few solid images but she was just SO miserable that i cut the shoot in 1/4th haha - I did the regular stuff then corpse paint - but as soon as she had corpse paint on she was an AWESOME model. so... who knows... but i know she doesnt want to shoot again... and she was like "do models actually enjoy shoots? this is the worst". THANKS! hahahaha - naw - shes awesome but - not a good subject to deal with in a photo shoot

very miserable

anyway - all shots are iso100 - 70-200mm 2.8 at F16 (on white/split) and F20 with the boomed dish (corpse) at a 160th

im only posting a few - because alot of them are just - miserable girl - modeling and hating it haha

oh well - cant win them all

aaand corpse paint

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