Saturday, May 8, 2010

Todays Shoot - Skatefest (live)

NOTE: Big Ups to LUMIQUEST!!!! who hooked me up with a couple new diffusion screens for my promax system! thank you!!!

Its been a few years since Skatefest has graced the festival scene, however this time around it was a bit of a different format.

In past years Skatefest was a two day venture full of massive national bands, mostly punk, pop punk, hardcore, scremo... etc.

The line up was a bit less glamorous in terms of... ya know, there was no band the same caliber of coheed, or something corporate, or good charlotte, or just - massssive national bands... BUT! it did have the reunion of The receiving end of sirens - which at one time were pretty massive - especially locally - so alot of people were pumped on that

I shot the entire show with a 40D and MOSTLY the 16-35 2.8 - but popped on the fisheye a bunch as well.

I mostly shot the mainstage - i went to second stage only to shoot the mighty TRAPPED UNDER ICE! but ill get to that later - for now - some main stage shots...

Each band had different lighting and my flash was effing with me, and decided to put out different light every time it went off... soooo im not the biggest fan of this 580ex 2... but luckily my 580 is repaired so - back to normal for me NEXT SHOW! woo!

Anyway - here are some photos! - first up Versa Emerge! and holy crap that girl can sing - these shots are F8-13 at an 8th (low light - wanted some movement)

Next up were my good friends in Our Last Night - they just put a new record out - and it fucking KILLLLS - you need to get it - and listen to it - and check out the photo behind the cd - cause i took it (more info on that here = - anyway - they had brighter lighting so i jumped to a 15th for a shutter speed

I then went upstairs for TRAPPED UNDER ICE! i was fully expected to get killed during their set - as they were the only heavy/hardcore band playing - and the entire hardcore crowd there was brewing waiting for the first note to hit! - i dropped my speed to a 10th and upped my fstop to a 9.5-13th - because i was much closer - and getting walked on haha.. i shot two songs - during the second song the entire crowd ended up on the stage and then jumped on and over me... woo. its called duck and shoot!

Next up were hometown heros - VANNA - who always put on an excellent show - the singer - davey was getting so close - my camera and the mic chord and even himself - collided a few times haha - for this the front lighting was SUPER hot - so i shot at a 20th

right after Vanna was the moment everyone had been waiting for - the reunion of TREOS! - for this the lighting was much more even - i was shooting at a 10th - F5.6-8.0 - during the first song - one of the guitarists got smacked HARD and was bleeding all over the place (not sure if you can really see it - but - its in there)

All in all it was a decent show - my flash at first didnt want to really do what I wanted it to - but after the first band i got it in check. Hopefully skatefest will continue and grow back to its former glory!

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