Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Todays Shoot - Adam D / All That Remains studio report day 4

Today I was doing another studio report day for my good friends in All That Remains, but was also doing an endorsement photo for the mighty Adam D of Killswitch Engage (who is currently recording the new and VERY KILLER - ATR record)

When I got to the studio Phil was out getting lunch, so I started off with a quick photo sesh with Adam for Takamine

I wanted to do something different with an acoustic guitar - it was a gloomy dark day - so I figured doing a very metal looking dismal image with an acoustic would make the warm tones pop a whole bunch and look very cool

I shot these with the mark 2 1ds 24-70 lens at F20 at a 160th - iso400. - I used to umbrellas almost split but pointed in a bit to make the lighting a bit flatter but to also blend the area a bit more and really get the lighting on the guitar perfect.

see two images below

After that we went inside and I did some candids of him playing/hanging out with the guitar - this time natural light - again - its DARK in there so i shot at iso1600 f2.8 at a 30th and got some shots with a solid selective focus on the headstock - a couple unedited images below

I haven't really been posting all the studio days on here - because - its alot of the same shot differently - so with that - for todays shoot im only going to post a couple shots real quick

I shot these with the 40D - using the 24-70 2.8 - at 2.8 at iso1600 (its super dark in there) - and at a 20th - 30th (skkeeetttchhhh).

Its so dark in that room that when phil was looking at his phone for a sec, the light on his phone was WAY brighter then the lighting in that room.

unedited photos below

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