Sunday, May 16, 2010

In Memory - Ronnie James Dio

There is not much I can say that isnt already well known. I am left speechless and upset with the recent loss of Dio.

I am not going to go into my memories of when I first heard Dio, or how much I liked everything hes done in his career....

The bottom line is metal would not exist in the capacity it does today with out the legendary voice, lyrics, and music of Ronnie James Dio.

He set the bar higher then anyone could ever hope to attain.

He will forever be the man all others will be compared to, even though they could never compare

The fire he had in his heart, in his voice, would melt any candle that could try to be held to anything he has done in his career.

Dio was loved by all and loved everyone, a lighthouse of positivity, inspiration, and strength.

The world will never be the same, as we mourn the loss of the greatest vocalist ever to touch a microphone in the world of heavy metal.

my horns raise once again in memory of the voice, the legend, and the undying flame that we will always remember as Ronnie James Dio.

It's a crazy world we live in and I'm leaving it today for another institution...
Every time I climb the mountain and it turned into a hill I promised me that I'd move on and I will" - DIO


  1. I have read about it yesterday. Today I realized what had happened and I have cried a few times since then. I never thought that it would touch me this way. We have lost one of the really human stars. It´s a huge part of our past, only now without a future to look forward to.
    Heaven has a new lead singer in the angels´choir.

  2. This was definitely some terrible news for the Metal legions of the world but let's face it, cancer is a very, very bad disease and even those who show promising signs often fall victim to it. Dio was one of our true icons for the Metal world and he spoke kindly about everything and with such intelligence that it made you proud to be a fan of his. His belief in the good that Heavy Metal does for music was also exemplary. I shall miss the man very much and was sad that I never met him. I did get to photograph him in concert a few times and some of those images along with my memorial narrative can be checked out by clicking my link below. Thanks for everything Ronnie. You now rule the Metal afterlife.