Thursday, May 13, 2010

Todays Shoot - All That Remains studio report day 5 - DOUBLE DOWN!

The night before we went to the Hangar! (mike, adam, myself, and a few others) - to eat wings and be awesome.

Adam and I have been discussing a day to have a DOUBLE DOWN challenge - for those who dont know - a double down is the new KFC thing thats two peices of fried chicken for buns - bacon and cheese in the middle

SO! gluttons as we are - we decided thursday (today) would be the double down day - as well as mike martin day!

I rolled up around 1 and was supossed to get 3 double downs... soooo i got 5.

I figured the three of us would kill five of them easy - but oli was there - and i offered one to him as well

so the challenge was who could eat this heart-attack sandwich and want MORE?!

yeah... all of us.

we each ate the first one - then the last was split in half - i got one half - mike and adam split the other half

so i ate the most and thereby won but i think if it came down to it - we could have probably each put down three or more - they arent very filling





THE CHALLENGERS (not pictured: me)


My take on the double down - which was the general commentary - was that it was REALLY good - REALLY REALLY GOOD - but not very filling. so maybe not worth it if you are at risk for a heart attack - and even if youre healthy - eating two of these to fill yourself up will probably cause heart failure (update on if that happens, tomorrow)

Anyway - after we finished eating awesome food and being fat (two things im pretty pro at!) Mike did some solos and over dubs

then THE TALK BOX! - now - on video you'll really understand how awesome this is - but - oh man - it projects the sound into that tube which goes into your mouth - reshaping the sound - and projecting into the mic - in other words - its fucking awesome

anyway - on all of these photos - they were all 40D with the 16-35 2.8 - my flash batts were SUPER low and i left all the back ups for it at the studio - so i went manual and shot the flash power to 1/4th and dropped my fstop down to a 5.6 for most shots - iso 400 - speed between a 10th - 30th

working with friends always rules - one of the best days in a while - much needed and super awesome. wish every day shooting was this much fun

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  1. The KFC thing... looks so gross to me! I love chicken and cheese... and bacon. But gag! haha

    I watched you taking those pictures of Mike yesterday though. I can't wait to hear the album especially with the talkbox!