Friday, May 21, 2010

Todays Shoot - The Graveline Group

I got a random missed call while working the other day, and I saw it was my good friend from middle school - Nick Graveline. In our time as good friends, we were far more then just dudes who jammed, skated, etc. our families were interchangeable. His parents were like secondary parents, his home, a second home. After just, drifting apart as life goes on, he has continuously supported my work, even bought a limited edition copy of my book!

anyway, so he joined his parents in their real estate company, and needed new photos ASAP. So I responded to his call, and got him in the next day (today) at noon.

Jeanne was wearing a dress, while Rich and Nick wore suits and ties... WITH SHORTS! haha

So needless to say - I had to shoot above the waist.

I started with split lighting but I wanted to give them some depth so I used the 3x4 soft boxes but put them in the horizontal position, I shot these with the 70-200 2.8, canon mark 2 1ds at ISO160 - shot at a 160th - at F16 - weird right?! anyway - I really didnt dig the split lighting - this can work for a band but i didnt think it worked well here

I added a third light - a 1x4 soft box horizontal - up about 8-10 feet pointed down and liked these photos WAY more - it fit what they were going for much better, and complimented their look much more effectively.

After finishing with that set up - I boomed a beauty dish above them and pointed it at a 70 degree angle or so toward them - again - i wasnt really into the group shots here - but the solos of nick i think came out well - these were same settings but F20

The last light set up i did was two rims on the side of the backgrounds at about 8 feet up - pointed downward and in to their lower face/shoulder area - at 50% - with a 3x4 soft box horizontal up front - i figured that would give them really good highlight/mid type of shot - my settings for this were ISO160 - F14 - at a 160th

After finishing the professional stuff, Rich and Jeanne wanted some couples photos - I used two softboxes but used one as a bit of a backlight by shooting at an extreme angle to give them both a over saturated glow, which worked better for some of the images (below) and kinda sucked for some of the other images (obviously not below! haha)

it was great to reconnect with a secondary family. great people, and im always glad i can help out and work with some people who saw me grow up, and come into my own as... whatever the hell i am now.. hah.

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