Friday, April 2, 2010

Todays Shoot - KillFest (live)

KillFest is what Overkill named their 25th anniversary tour

At first the rules were NO FLASH! in which I knew I wouldnt get anything really usable if I didnt have the ability to use flash - soooo before the show started I talked to the right people and got permission to use it.

For this show I used my fisheye, 16-35 2.8 and 24-70 2.8 - I left the 70-200 in the bag but brought it incase I needed it (always come prepared!)

So I was shooting at ISO400 - F6.5-9.5ish and at a speed of 10-15... trying to kill the ULTRA strong reds they had for front lighting was somewhat difficult but, made it work

Generally the lighting was nothing special for the opening bands but made it work - but the lighting for Overkill was AWESOME!

Heres some unedited shots of Warbringer - God Dethroned and Vader! - p.s. if you ever get the chance to shoot warbringer - do it - they rule - and their singer is awesome to photograph live - very animated

I shot mostly with the 16-35 and fish eye because when youre that close - even the 24-70 is kinda a bit much for my style - but again - ive only shot live with it once before - so im sure over the next three days of concerts - ill get a better feel for it, and start digging it more for concert work.

And then came OVERKILL! who were actually really really really good, which shouldnt be a surprise or anything, but I am not easy impressed, and for this set, I was VERY impressed. SEE THIS TOUR!

again - overkill had AWESOME lighting, so I didnt have to use my flash as a main light as much as the opening bands., I mostly shot wide to get more of the atmosphere and such.

See unedited photos below

welp time to sleep and sonata arctica tomorrow!

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