Sunday, April 11, 2010

Music Photography Workshop w/ Gage Young and Jeremy Saffer

So this will be a bit different then the posts you are used to. I figured this was a good spot to talk about my week and weekend.

For those who follow, you know I sometimes do music photography seminars, and this time around I was splitting one with Gage Young ( - his website will be back soon if its not up when you go to view it.

Gage is well versed and known for his images of upcoming and established pop/punk/rock bands namely in AP magazine, as well as a slew of others. I was always a big fan of his work since I first saw it around when Homesick (adtr) came out. (has all the info on it)

Anyhoo. we got TWENTY! students for this SOLD OUT! workshop - largest class to date. People flew in from Oklahoma, Utah, Florida, and MANY from NJ and NY, as well as a few locals.

After a bunch of help from Nick Bessette, who covered the windows, thereby making it so the sun would not ruin the slide show, we were ready to roll.

(please note - photos were taken by Gage Young, Nick Bessette, Eva Prior, Aubrey Lewis, respectively.)
Day 1...
The first day was the slide-show - where we talk about every single aspect of being a photographer in the music industry - from getting started - to selling your images - who to contact, and why, what words to use, how to set up shoots, yada yada yada

Here are some shots taken by Nick of the photonerds during the break!

The last part of the day was a Lighting demo, where we both showed a variety of how to use one, and two lights to create different looks in a studio location situation, really trying to stress that you dont need 6 lights and 25 grand in equipment to produce a print-worthy shot (as some of the younger, and newer photographers tend to believe at times haha)

here are some shots of the lighting demo

After the lighting demo we took some group shots of the entire crew

That was pretty much the end of day one. We went back to the house, hung out a bit, got a couple hours of sleep, then gathered up and hit the studio for day 2...

Day 2...
Today was more of a hands on day, where three bands (Our Last Night, Thy will Be Done, and With Words) were coming in to do demo shoots with Gage and I, then modeling for the students, so they could apply what they learned to a very real and specific assignment shoot.

Here are some shots of myself photographing thy will be done, and gage shooting our last night for lighting demos.

Rather then doing a free-for-all - we made Gage, Nick, and I - TOUR MANAGERS! - each photographer had 10 minutes to shoot - and did a shoot in studio - indoors on location - and outdoors with each of the three bands using different equipment for each shoot!

After a few hours - and alot of hunger (we didnt have time to stop for lunch due to the schedule) - we ate - some of the students who had drives, had to jet out, as we finished day 2 with a lightroom/photoshop tutorial.

All in all it was an AMAZING success, I liked working with Gage, and I think our next one will be even better.

We recorded it all for a possible dvd, but didnt put much into the production of it. unfortunately one person was talking semi-often while we were teaching, and cuts out some of our audio - so, i dont know if the dvd will ever see the light of day, but hopefully we can figure that out. or we will just reshoot another seminar, knowing that it wont be the same.

Gage ended up not only being an excellent dude to split a seminar with, but an excellent friend as well. I will absolutely be working with him again in the future, and needless to say, the bonds made during this seminar between the students, gage, myself, etc. are half of what makes doing these seminars so awesome to me.

Til the next one... Thanks everyone who came, everyone who read this, and everyone whos shown interest
here are the two sexiest dudes alive, in the SAME PHOTO!

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