Monday, April 19, 2010

Todays Shoot - Jeremy Saffer (wait what?)

from my seminar I had left over teenage mutant ninja turtle slime. SO AWESOME!

so I was playing with it for the entire time sarah was doing make-up the night before - and because i have a twisted mind - i decided that doing the shocker with slime going down my hand would be funny - so i took a cell phone photo of it... then it dawned on me... NEW SELF PORTRAIT TIME!

So I was thinking along the lines of having the slime going down the shocker - and putting in a funny line line "she told me she was clean!" or "this is why i dont hook up with zombie chicks" - something like that.

Anyway - I wanted to use the boom - beauty dish up high - pointed straight down and used the 70-200 and the 24-70 at F18/16 at a 200th. I had my friend Brianna (see her naked at the bottom of the page*) shoot it - because i couldn't get selective focus i wanted with a timer.

So I picked four shots I liked best - popped up the greens a bit - and made a four up for people to decide which they liked best - but all in all there was no "crowd favorite"

heres the four up

and heres the one i like best and will probably be using as a new press image.

All in all -it worked out, and i dig it - i guess sometimes you can have fun when youre a photographer right?


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