Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Todays Shoot - All That Remains studio report day 2

My second venture into the recording studio mostly had me shooting video, and some photos, so the majority of what I shot, you wont be seeing on here

Today Mike and Oli were doing some tracking, and Phil was doing some brootul vo-killz

I started off shooting in the guitar room - while Mike was tracking some guitar parts, adam was throwing money at him and moshing around him - kinda amazing haha - I got that on video but not in a shot

for these shots - I was using the 24-70 at about 5.6 at iso400 - using the 580ex 2 with diffusion - then jumping up to iso 1600 at 2.8 and shooting at a SCARY low speed (20-45) for no-flash - because the rooms are SUPER DARK! AHH!

I always feel kind of weird taking photos or video in a recording studio setting because I always feel like - ok - i have a job to do - BUT IM IN THE WAYYY!!! AHHH!! - so I try to be as sparse as possible.

I then went into the room where they do vocals - and was shooting phil between takes (i didnt want the mic to pick up my shutter going off while recording) - its hard to get a solid image shooting at a 20th - any movement kills the image so you really have to have steady hands and patience in order to get the image you want

looks like ill be back in there friday - so make sure to check back!

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  1. These pics are great! I've been watching them broadcasting live on ustream and the stream is so blurry, it's hard to tell what everything looks like in the studio. These pics make everything look SO much better!