Monday, April 12, 2010

Todays Shoot - A Day To Remember (live)

Sometimes I find something to be a good idea, or a bad idea, or a bad idea that i just cant pass up.

After a two day workshop I need recovery time, but some of my favorite people on earth were going to be playing a massive super sold out show at the house of blues in boston, and I pretty much couldn't miss that no matter what. - for those who havent been there - house of blues shares the street with the far side of fenway park

Gage Young was in for the seminar, and as most know, he tends to tour with and photograph ADTR the most, so I figured it would be extra awesome to have both of the token ADTR photogs shooting them at the same time.

We rolled up early to hang a bit, I parked behind one of the vans and after about 20 minutes, Gage, Josh, Neil, Alex, and Myself were rolling out to get Chipolte and i found a $75 dollar fucking ticket on my car. FUCK OFF! so pissed.

I parked in the garage next to the house of blues - and caught up with the dudes, killed some chipolte.

After that we were heading out to newbury street area to hit some stores so Alex and Neil could be fashionable haha. We hit Karma Loop (which is a really cool store, but im seriously not cool enough to wear anything they sell... like 70 dollar t-shirts) We then went over to mass ave, and passed my old school Berklee College of Music - so it was cool to be in my old stomping grounds for a sec

We hit a store around the corner of Berklee, called Bodega which is the coolest shit ive ever seen - it looks like a mini mart youre going to get stabbed in - then you walk up to the beat-snapple machine - and its a sliding door leading to a beautiful massive store - that also sells things that are way too cool and expensive for me to wear. haha. sorry no pics of how awesome it is.

We went back, and pretty much hung in the bus until ADTR was rolling inside. We scrambled a bit to get our photo passes - but luckily got them directly from the TM and didnt have to sign our souls and photo rights away to the House of Blues.

Unfortunately for Gage and I - they have new management - new crew etc. So for myself and Gage, who usually photographs their entire set, (me with flash), i was shot down by the TM under the first three songs-no flash rule. BUMOUT! but whatever, still got epic shots. - I know the boston show was hectic as fuck, so maybe on the next tour/show I can sort shit out.

On the bus we were nerding out with the fisheye

After jumping off the bus - we hung outside for a sec, again taking photos, being nerdy, then we went backstage to the dressing room where there were something like 4 cameras, everyone was being a photo nerd, taking photos of each other, and oh look, Jack Strong of The Acacia Strain showed up to hang too.

ANNNYYYWAY - here are some photos! yeay! - being that it was so hectic I shot the first three songs entirely with my 16-35 2.8 lens - i had a fisheye in my pocket - but gave it to Gage to use for his shots as he only had a 50.

I jumped my ISO to 800 - and shot at 2.8 - i changed my speed from a 125th - 200th depending on what was going on with the lighting - I really tried to use the awesome show they had to make it look as huge as it was.

Check out the 9 unedited photos below

After shooting the first three songs - I went to the side of the stage to watch the show with no intention of really shooting anymore... but once I saw the crowd from that angle... oh man.. I HAD to get shots of it... then on top of that - I got to see them perform "if it means alot to you" for the first time, and obviously had to get shots of jeremy playing guitar while the sold out crowd sings along... so amazing!

Now, im not exactly the most posi-dude on earth, nor religious, im kinda a negative dude 110% of the time.

Watching these five kids go from a point where one of their parents flew them up for a photo shoot, they played to 50 kids at a small vfw hall just a couple years ago... and now they are headlining and selling out every venue they hit. From no production to a LED video screen, full stage show, canons, confetti(not in boston), risers, a full round-the-drummer ramp... To say I am proud of them would be the understatement of the century. I hate the newly coined term "dey my pride!" - but they really are. Every single dude in the band (including tom who is no longer in the band) are beyond excellent people, and excellent friends. Needless to say, I am truely blessed (in the most non-religious way possible) to be able to take a side-seat and watch the careers of those who have become my very good friends, flourish into stardom. Love these dudes, love the tunes, and am SO proud of where they are now.

Well, I will end this is the most cliche way possible... 3 years ago we first heard the lyrics "mark my words, were taking over the world".. now... they truely have.

I cant wait to see what the future holds for these dudes. SO! PROUD!


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