Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Todays Shoot - All That Remains studio report day 1

This is one of those awesome times when the record label hires (ever notice the word HIRES is HI-RES together - photonerd?) you to photograph some of your friends and pay you for it! - SWEEEEET! Can't complain when that happens! getting paid to hang out and work with some of your good friends it the BEST part of my job - easily.

So the label hit me up to do some behind the scenes video and photo - and the initial plan of me coming in today for a bunch of hours - do interviews - yada yada yada - turned into a plan of me going there a few times over the next couple weeks to fully document the recording of their new album, which is sure to destroy.

I rolled up around 6 and got there the same time Phil did, just as Oli and Mike were taking off.

I started taking some random candids - nothing too WOW - I was trying to do some natural light shots but it was already 6pm - and the recording studio is EXTREMELY dark - I jumped up to ISO1000 then to 1600 - shooting at 2.8 with the 24-70 2.8 - and took a few natural light shots - which i assume will end up black and white - so - tada - i made them black and white.

The natural light shots (mike, jason) are shot at ISO1000 - f2.8 at a 100th - the shots of phil and jason/jeanne were shot at ISO1000 at F8 and F10 - at a 160th(phil) and 25th (jeanne jason) to bring in more of the ambient light - again my iso was so high because it was super dark - and i was also not getting along with my new flash quite yet.

I ended up doing much more video than photo on this trip - it was a day of drum tracking - and I know from LOTS of experience that Jay - as much as hes my dude! - he is not a big fan of getting photos or video taken of him, so i tried to be as much of a ninja as possible - trying to be like i wasnt even there.

I got to hear the jam, and its tasty, everyone will hurt everyone during the end of the song. think - a battleship full of M80s being dropped on a landmine factory, in a volcano, in hell. - in riff form.

So I took some shots of jason tracking, then took off knowing I will probably get the bulk of my work over the next two weeks or so. I figured I didnt want to over step as I knew they had work to get done, and I want to get the job done - as long as they can also get their job done as well.

For the shots of jason with flash I shot at a 30th at F2.8 (ISO400 for these) - the ones with natural light I shot ISO1600 - F2.8 at a 30th (yes it is DARK in that room!)

I did some shots with flash - i got a brand new 580EX 2 - and that shit pisses me off - i havent used it before today - and it seemed every shot - it put out a different output - so annoying - same settings - TOTALLY different exposure - you best bet im going to break that guy in during metalfest.

Anyway - i think im going back monday or tuesday to get some video and snaps of guitar tracking - and maybe there will be some wing eating. that would be excellent.

oh crap - metalfest is in 12 hours... TIME TO PACK!

until next time....

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