Monday, March 15, 2010

Todays Shoot - My Children My Bride (Part 2)

After spending all of last night (til 6am!) working on the "top secret" project I will be announcing shortly, a solid 3 hours of sleep (at best), my body decided I should wake up... AWESOME! right?

Anyway! - So today was the full group shoot for My Children My Bride, but a little note prior to reading on... You will see some shots with four members, and some shots with five members... The reason for this is their current drummer is not a permanent member quite yet, so... just in case, we shot a bit with both line ups. - also keep your eyes out as I will be posting a behind-the-shoot video on my youtube channel in the future.

We started with some pretty standard group shots. What I did for these was boomed a beauty dish at 50% pointing straight down, but pulled it far enough away from the white paper background to have it go dark grey and have a nice ever, scrimmed lighting behind them as well as on top of them. This was shot at F20 - at a 125th iso160

I really like how crisp and clean this lighting looks with the light from above giving a nice fade to shadow on the bottom half of their bodies... it really brings out their faces, and aside from putting a solid concentration on the upper body, it doesnt kill the entire shot.

See unedited shots below

Rather then going in order... Im going to skip over a set and go back to it... for lighting explanation purposes...

So again, the dudes found the weapon table, and this time we could shoot it with the lighting I originally wanted to day 1.

Its the same lighting as the first set but the beauty dish is pulled further away from the background to make it go a bit darker, and a bit creepier

Unedited photos below

Prior to shooting the weapon stuff, I switched the lighting to a boomed 3x4 soft box at 50% power with two bare lights behind them pointed to the center of the back of their heads, crossing for a solid rim/hair light, and this was a bit opposite of what I shot before... rather then mostly shadow/mids work, this lighting is mostly highlight/mids - this was shot F16 at 160th

After the in studio work we hit the basement, which if you havent seen before, is a creepy industrial park basement - PERFECT for band photos, and for pretty much everything I do.

The first shot was just a boomed beauty dish - but this time I was using my dynalite jackrabbit kit - and instead of the 70-200 i was using the 16-35 - these were shot F10 - iso100 - at a 100th

The second shot in the basement was 2 umbrellas split which gives a nice halo beneath the band and above them - so i shot some from a very low angle to get the ceiling in there a bunch, After a few shots I released the hallway to my right (their left) could look cool if i bled it in - so I dropped my speed down to a half a second to bleed it in a bit in the last shot on here

unedited images below

After shooting the basement - we hit outside for the last two sets. It was terrible out, windy, cold, rainy... all in all bad conditions to shoot in, but kinda cool for atmosphere.

The first set was shot with two umbrellas split - which I had two assistants (scott lee! their manager, as well as my actual assistant lauren) to hang out behind the umbrellas and keep them from going over... as those things catch wind and can fly away or take a light down and be VERY costly. - these shots are at a 100th at f10

unedited image below

For the second set - I just used a boomed beauty dish - I LOVED! the test shot with the REALLY dark trees, but for some reason I decided it was a good idea to drop the speed from a 100th to a 20th to bleed in the natural light a bit more - which I now regret - I really liked the darker trees... so I may darken the atmosphere a bit in post-production when images are chosen. - bad call on my part but I still dig it with the lighter atmosphere as well, it was just so cold, windy, rainy, etc. that I didnt want to torture the band and check shots while shooting, plus Scott Lee was hungry, and keeping him from that venture is sometimes a very bad idea! hah.

First shot is the test shot - second shot is a real shot - but unedited

Well... that was probably one of my favorite band shoots this year, so far. Excellent dudes, and good times, hopefully I'll get to see them around these parts again soon.

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