Monday, March 29, 2010

Todays Shoot - Coheed and Cambria (live)

Coheed and Cambria always bring a bit to the stage in terms of set and lighting.

It seems alot of bands are touring with a white-screen to project onto, which is what coheed had going on today.

Unlike most shows, it seems the lighting was either back lighting, or front lighting, they never really happened at the same time.

Because it was super super sold out, it was so hot that my lenses were all constantly fogging up.

NOTE! if you ever get into that sort of situation - the best thing to do is to take the lens caps off all of your lenses - and take your lenses OUT OF YOUR BAG! - find a safe place for them! - and as they come to the temperature of the room, they will no longer fog.

NOTE!b - when you take a lens out of a cold bag into a hot room it may start to sweat worse then a cold soda can in a desert. your lens being soaking wet is NOT GOOD! so if you want to bring your lenses up to temp a bit slower - bring your bag in early - unzip the back in a safe place - after 20 mins - open the bag - leave it open (safe spot!) then take the lenses out after another 20 mins.

OK! onto photos.

The lighting was very dark - luckily all my lenses are 2.8's but even with that I shot at ISO1000 at a 90th-125th while i shot the first three songs in the barricade (photo pit)

I switched between the 16-35, fisheye and my new toy - the 24-70 (which im still learning that one, but ended up getting awesome shots with it)

here are some of the live shots from the baricade

After shooting the first three songs I was able to shoot a bit of the set from the VIP booth which is directly across the club from, and above the front of the stage.

The goal was to get shots making the crowd look massive, but in the time i put my lens/camera in my bag - went outside for literally less than a minute - upstairs to the vip spot - and boom - all my lenses were fog machines - and my 70-200 that i had not taken out of my bag the whole day - was soaking wet and foggy... soooo i gave them a few minutes - then wiped them a bit, and shot with all four lenses to get super wide, close up, and group shots. I did drop my fstop down to get more of a crowd shot than a band shot for the ultra wide crowd shots.

see a few shots below.

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