Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Todays Shoot - Gabriel Iglesias (live)

Today I was really hoping to get a photo shoot with Gabriel, but alas, time did not allow it as his travel schedule was so insane, he literally got to the venue about 20 minutes before he hit the stage.

Oh well, maybe next time.

For those who dont know who Gabriel is, "IM NOT FAT!!! IM FLUFFY!" - stand up comedian whos often on comedy central, and back in the day he was on that show "ALL THAT!" on Nickelodeon.

So! oddly enough this show was just ONE town away. as the Hu Ke Lau tends to get TONS of comedians, I noticed he was playing there and HAD to shoot it.

I got the photo pass confirmation the day of, then didnt get approved to shoot him til about 3 minutes before he went on stage.

The venue had TERRIBLE red-lighting - and it wasnt very bright. It was COMPLETELY SOLD OUT! - loaded with tables as it was a restaurant, so my only option was to shoot from the back, the wall on the side, or duck between one of the isles.

So I did all three... hah. I only was allowed to shoot the first 5 minutes, and already knew the shots were going to be subpar lighting wise. So I just made sure the exposure was solid.

I shot at F 2.8 - ISO 1000 with a SS of 90th - 125th - but I was shooting with the 70-200 2.8 IS L lens - and the image stabilization gives you an extra stop or so.

The backdrop (stage set) was a cheesy Hawaiian... hut... type of thing, and not much i could really do about that...

Anyway, I did some post production to make the photos usable. I upped the levels a bit - drops the total saturation down 30% - magentas and reds down another 40% - then used a selective color layer - went into the reds - and magentas - made them 30-40% more yellow - went into the neutral layer and made it like 3% more yellow - its kinda like white balancing an image that couldnt be white balanced - but proof that you dont have to do black and white with over saturated images.

Still the images arent what I would have hoped with a white spot light - but... oh well... take what you can get I suppose.

anyway - heres a before and after



...and heres a couple more edited shots.

Anyone who hasnt seen this guys stand up - check comedy central - its on often and its AMAZING! seriously - check this dude out! -

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